Jonnah PerkinsMy name is Jonnah and I am an ultrarunner and farmer in southern Wisconsin. My family owns a large certified organic vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm where my husband I are managers. Our farm is in the beautiful driftless region of Wisconsin offering hundreds of miles of hilly roads and trails for amazing training opportunities.

As a classically trained ballet dancer, I thrive on the rigor and self discipline of running. I ran several half marathons through my early 20’s and finished my first marathon nine months after giving birth to my son, Paavo. I ran my second marathon 2 months before becoming pregnant with my daughter, Mischa. Motherhood has made me a better athlete by teaching me lessons in time management and perseverance in the face of physical and mental challenge.

In July 2014 I finished second female overall in my first 50k and 2 months later I finished 6th female overall in my first 50 mile event. I have had several podium finishes and wins since then, solidifying my love for ultramarathon trail racing. My early success has fueled a burning passion for trail running and I will continue to push myself in a range of distances.

In 2016 I began training under coach David Roche after running with an unstructured training style for years. In the farming off-season our little family packs up the truck to travel around the country for training, racing, and adventures with the kids. My husband, an endurance athlete himself,Β  has been the supporting force in my pursuit of being a competitive ultrarunner.

Β Jonnah Perkins with family